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The "WHY" behind the Pittsburgh Soccer Summit

I'd like to let you know the "Why" behind The Pittsburgh Soccer Summit presented by Glory on the Grass Soccer, and how it came to be.

I have been involved with soccer for over 20 years. It has been life-changing for my family. Personally I have attended soccer conferences in a number of states in the U.S., and watched matches in a number of countries around the world. 20 years ago I knew nothing about the game that now dominates my life. My knowledge of the game grew through people I met while coaching against them and attending conventions with them. It was motivating. It was inspiring. And it was surprising!

I come from an entrepreneurial background, and in this world you have processes and ideas that you just do not share. Trade secrets. Classified Information. Proprietary Intel. Whatever you want to call it, it was yours and you held tightly to it. Fast forward to my first convention and...mind blown...the amount of material, ideas and knowledge that was freely shared shocked me. Everywhere I went, people with experience...real experience, like Pro and College level coaches, were freely giving away their ideas, secrets, and proprietary intel for one reason. They were there to make the GAME better.

After attending two regional soccer expos in the winter promoting our Glory on the Grass Tournaments in central PA and New England, my wife and I came back with the idea of putting something together for the western PA and tri-state region. The thought entered my head that "by getting together, we make the game better" and I couldn't get it out of my head.

Again, fast forward a few months, and, after meeting with a number of people I met through the game including Kelly Mehalko, Jerry Concannon, Allen Duda, John Krysinski, Justin MacAtee and Erik Eisenhunt, the Pittsburgh Soccer Summit took shape.

As most of you know, once the game gets a hold of you, it doesn't let go. You don't want it to let go. It becomes a part of you. And you want the best for it. The Pittsburgh Soccer Summit exists because of this thought.

We have put together an awesome group of presenters, distinguished in the game and in the region.

They are composing inspiring and motivating presentations to share with you.

To make you a better coach.

A better club administrator.

A better fan of the game.

Please consider joining us for what we hope is the first of many Pittsburgh Soccer Summits.

The date is January 20, 2024.

The location is The Hollywood Casino at the Meadows.

The cost is just $139 per person. Get your spot before December 15 and save $40.

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